About Us

Welcome to Greenscape Zone!

It is more important than ever these days to care for our environment in responsible ways.

At Greenscape Zone we want to provide you with the tools you need to care for your personal greenscape, whether that be recommendations on actual power equipment to tend your land in increasingly environmentally responsible ways or advice on when to prune your shrubs for healthy growth and appearance.

When you are doing the work yourself, you know it is being done properly and we want to be at your side as you make decisions and choices in the ongoing process of tending your greenscape no matter how large or small.

The term ‘greenscape’ has been popularly used by lawn service/landscaping companies as a name for their business. ¬†However, in our case we understand it to be taking an environmentally sound approach to landscape design, development and care. ¬† In this regard, even the type of equipment being used should be evaluated for environmental friendliness including aspects of sound pollution, fumes, and fuel efficiency.