Got Oak? Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw is your answer!

tornado-1193184_1920“Burns right through dead oak which is tough wood to cut”

You have probably arrived here because you have heard (or know) that Husqvarna is an awesome brand in chainsaws and are looking to confirm that the 455 Rancher is the one for you.  Maybe you have already owned a Husqvarna saw and are looking for an upgrade.  Whatever your reason, the 455 is their most popular and versatile model, so it is definitely worth considering!  


If you are already set on the Husqvarna 455 Rancher and have no need to read through the rest of the article, click on the button to go right to to make your purchase.  And have a great time with your new saw!


The 455 Rancher is considered a step above the ‘Homeowner” class of chainsaws which tend to have shorter blades and less power.

The  55.5cc X-Torq engine has been engineered by Husqvarna to be more environmentally friendly while at the same time delivering increased power.  Fuel consumption is lowered by 20-30% and emissions by 60%, as compared to an unmodified 2-stroke engine, with increased torque over a wider rpm range.  Your fuel should last noticeably longer with this feature while the air will be significantly less contaminated with exhaust fumes.

With operator comfort in mind, the 455 Rancher chainsaw is also equipped with their LowVib system to reduce vibration transfer to your hands and arms.  Again, this will extend the time that you will be safely and comfortably able to work with your saw.

The chain tensioner mechanism is conveniently accessible from the side but does require you to have your own tools for making the adjustments.  It is not ‘tool-less’ in the true sense of the term.

The chain oiler is adjustable so you can increase the oil flow to prevent the blade and chain from overheating and prolong the life of your saw.

Husqvarna has equipped the 455 Rancher with a decompression valve which makes it much easier to start.

Sufficient air flow to the carburetor is an important requirement for ease of starting and is aided by the air injection centrifugal cleaning process.  Large particles are removed before reaching the air filter: all air to the carburetor passes through the starter where contaminants are centrifuged out by the cooling fan.

Smaller particles will still get through, however, and the air filter will need regular cleaning, but is easily accessible from the top.  The fire screen over the muffler which also must be kept clean to ensure adequate air flow for proper starting is easy to remove.

The manual for your Husqvarna 455 rancher chainsaw contains detailed maintenance instructions including chain sharpening, a guide for felling trees and proper cutting with a chainsaw, as well as step-by-step operating instructions for starting, running, oiling and the safety features.


What are the Important Features of the 455 Rancher?

  • X-Torq engine, developed by Husqvarna, is a modified 2-stroke that introduces a shot of cold, clean air to the cylinder to prevent mixing of the incoming fuel air mixture with the outgoing exhaust.  Combined with the front ports, this is one of the most efficient 2-stroke engine to date.
  • Hand protector and foot pad
  • Decompression valve which makes it a lot easier to start
  • Purge bulb:  will not fill up all the way
  • Side load on bar chain reservoir and fuel
  • Large double falling spikes
  • Quiet tone muffler with fire screen
  • Chain Brake
  • Adjustable oiler to avoid overheating
  • External mount clutch
  • Side chain tension adjustment (NOT tool-less)
  • Vibration dampening runs all the way through the saw body
  • Oscillation springs run on multiple points on the saw
  • Reduces operator fatigue and fuzziness feeling you get in your hand
  • The better the vibration dampening that separates the handle from the engine the happier you’re going to be.


What Safety Features are implemented?

  • Chain brake
  • LowVib reduces vibration transmitted to the operator
  • Adjustable chain oiler



What User-friendly features are on the Husqvarna Rancher?

  • LowVib system that reduce vibration levels to the operator.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner
  • Side loading bar chain reservoir and fuel tank
  • Air Injection:  Large particles are removed before reaching the air filter which improves engine life and reduces air filter cleanings and improves engine life. Centrifugal cleaning means that all air to the carburetor passes through the starter and Dirt and dust is centrifuged out by the cooling fan.


Are there any environmentally-friendly features?

X-Torq engine:  Lower fuel consumption (20-30%) and reduced emissions (60%).


What are the Specs of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw?

  • 12.8 lbs without bar and chain
  • Cylinder displacement: 55.5 cm3
  • Power output 3.49 hp
  • Sound pressure at operator ear 104 dB(A)
  • Bar length 13-20”


What will the maintenance be like?

Perform the following daily, weekly or monthly as suggested.  If intending to store for some time (months), everything should be done.


  1. Wipe external surfaces.
  2. Ensure throttle lock and throttle control are in working order.
  3. Ensure that the chain brake is clean and in working order. Replace the chain catcher if it is damaged.
  4. Reverse bar to enable more even wear. Ensure that bar lubrication hole is not clogged.  Lubricate sprocket tip and clean the bar groove. Ensure that bar and chain are sufficiently oiled during operation.
  5. Observe saw chain for cracks in the rivets and links, stiffness and abnormal wear and replace if needed.
  6. Sharpen chain and check for proper tension. Check the drive sprocket for wear and replace if needed.
  7. Clean air intake of the starter unit.
  8. Ensure that all nuts and screws are tight.
  9. Ensure that stop switch is in working order
  10. Ensure that there are no fuel leaks either from the engine, the tank or the lines.
  11. Check catalytic converter cooling system, as required.


  1. Where there is no catalytic converter, check cooling system weekly.
  2. Ensure the starter, starter cord and return spring are in working order.
  3. Inspect vibration damping mechanism for damage.
  4. Lubricate the clutch drum bearing.
  5. Inspect the bar edges for burrs and file off as necessary.
  6. Inspect the muffler mesh and clean or replace as needed.
  7. Clean the carburetor compartment.
  8. Clean or replace the air filter as needed.


  1. Replace the chain brake band when it is less than .6mm where most worn.
  2. Inspect the clutch center, drum and spring for wear.
  3. Clean the spark plug and ensure that the electrode gap is 0.5 mm.
  4. Wipe the outside of the carburetor.
  5. Inspect the fuel filter and hose, replacing if needed.
  6. Empty the fuel tank and clean thoroughly inside.

What can I do to protect my small engine from ethanol damage?

As of this writing, gasoline commonly sold at gas stations is 10% ethanol which is a curse on your small engine carburetor.  If you own a small gasoline powered engine you should not be using gasoline with ethanol.  It is possible to locate stations where ethanol-free gas is sold, but it will take some searching.  A website has been set up to help you do just that.  Prices are higher than regular gas, but compared to buying premixed ethanol-free fuel+oil quarts at 8x the price of ethanol-free alone, if you use your tool heavily, the savings is well worth the trouble and expense.

As mentioned, quarts of Husqvarna brand premix ethanol-free gas and 2-cycle oil are available for purchase if you really need to get some work done and just don’t have any ethanol-free gas to use.

The problem with ethanol contaminated fuel is that the deposits left behind when over time evaporation occurs tend to gum up the carburetor and render the fuel lines and other plastic/rubber parts cracked and no longer functional.   So to avoid annoying repeated repairs and rebuilds, nix the ethanol.

What is stopping you from heading over to Amazon right now and purchasing the 455 Rancher? It has sufficient power for the needs of the non-professional, with more power than lower priced homeowner level saws, and is backed by the Husqvarna name and authorized repair service which you will likely be surprised to find just around the corner from where you are.



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