Tree care tips for the responsible property owner


  • Trees need regular care throughout their lifetime.
  •  Newly planted trees need watering up to twice a week during the growing season.
  •  Yearly inspections of your trees are important to monitor health, prune dead and dying branches or trees.
  •  Grass and trees compete for available nutrients and surprisingly the trees will lose, so they require specific attention.
  •  Lawn mowers and string trimmers cause damage trees, producing a slow death when more than 30% of the root system is affected,  Protect the roots:  Protect the tree.
  • Mulching should be done to a depth of 2-3 inches, but never piled high against the trunk! The flareline at the base of the trunk should be visible and mulch should be distributed from a low point at the base of the trunk to a high point (flareline height) at the outer edges. Incorrectly done mulching is called a mulch volcano, whereas the method healthier for your tree is more like a moat or a well.  Creating a mountain around the trunk encourages the growth of organisms deleterious to the health of your tree AND encourages roots to grow into that area where they do not naturally belong and have a girdling effect.
  • Use soil sample testing recommendations for providing nutrients for your trees.
  • Fertilize only during the beginning to middle growing season so that new growth is prepared for colder temperatures.
  • Choose trees to plant suitable for the location.
  • Do not plant trees that will grow tall beneath power lines!
  • Some questions to consider when choosing trees and locations:
              Does the soil drain quickly after rain?
              How large will the species grow? Is the space adequate?
              Does the location provide adequate sun (or adequate shade)?
              Does the tree have fruit that has any type of shell or hull (oaks- acorns)
                           or something less obtrusive like maple keys?

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